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  • Stop Wasting Your Workouts: The Best Way to Recover

    Even if your fitness routine consists of regular high-efficiency surge workouts (MaxT3!), you may still be struggling to see results. Why? Because the action you take immediately after a workout is vital to your body’s …

  • Use Ashwagandha to De-Stress, Prevent Disease and Fight Cancer

    As difficult as it is to pronounce, ashwagandha is  equally as beneficial to your overall health. For centuries, this Indian herb has been used to treat dozens of conditions, ranging from stress and anxiety to Parkinson’s and even …

  • New Recipe - Healthy and Hearty Beef Chili

    Enjoy a version of chili that doesn’t overflow with salt and preservatives. This simple, whole-food version of a classic dish is satisfying as a hot meal and as lunchtime leftovers.
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  • Activate Special Hormones that Reduce Belly Fat

    It's easy to think of fat around the midsection as an unwanted effect of too many chicken wings or too much chocolate. The truth is that the fat deposited around your core impairs many of your body's regular, necessary functions. Fight the …

  • Spicy Tropical Citrus Vinaigrette Recipe

    No need for Paul Newman now. This delicious dressing is easy to make and adds the right amount of spice to any salad …

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